Michaela S. Schirmbrand-Pfeiffer

Frau Schirmbrand-Pfeiffer, what do you prefer the most to be available for?

For an accompaniment of people who want to renew themselves out of the desire for their NEXT. And who honestly want to ask themselves whether their will to change is „a need of desire“.

Frau Schirmbrand-Pfeiffer, do you offer seminars also online?

Yes … And I couldn’t imagine it at first and now love the hybridity and quick availability. And the fast IN and OUT.

What is the most important to you concerning your work?

„Don’t look at my finger - look where I point“ (Zen)

What is the most important to you in the development of potential?

Self-management as the basis for any management work, the basics for a self-determined life design have occupied me since I can think. Are my goals really my goals? Why am I not happy once I have achieved them? What is really, really important to me? If his matter is close to my heart, why don’t I invest anything? Why do I prefer to watch „one million things“ (by the way, it is one of the best series I've seen lately. Strong recommendation! From a psychological point of view, of course!) instead of doing my yoga exercises?
How much back pain do I accept before I prioritize it higher and do something about it everyday? I don’t learn from pain. Not me. Does it really always has to hurt? Wouldn’t it be more popular to learn from joy, curiosity and desire for self-development? We are not 17 anymore …
Don’t believe everything your think. What content does my brain play into my consciousness every day? Who thinks? It’s me or?

since 2017

Managing Director Steinkraft

To be part of the new earth and to recreate here guided me to found Steinkraft Nature-Rocks - and this was my NEXT. And out of this pleasure of being creative, 50 products for sustainable agriculture and nutritious food have been born so far.
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from mistakes
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about humus
since 2014

Managing Director Space for the Next

“I invite you to give yourself permission to live today without history or herstory. Be in the moment with God's story about you. It begins like this "once upon a choice" not "once upon a time". Choose to be happy, creative & feel that all your needs are met as the beginning of your choosing.”
M. Beckwith

Many people want to do something different. New. Because they feel that the current is somehow „finished“, often no longer works. Because they feel that there is no more spirit left and the music meanwhile plays elsewhere. Because they may feel so much desire to open up their own essence and because they may already feel this new in themselves, but only as - no idea - this vibrant nothingness.
And then are confronted with this damn free choice. These many possibilities, or these many supposed non-possibilities, because the cobbler better stick to his trade. And then you should suddenly know what you want. Yes, this is the space for what is Next.
Michaela Schirmbrand-Pfeiffer Coach
since 1990

For 31 years
Michaela Schirmbrand-Pfeiffer Consulting and Coaching

Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychological drama, Group dynamics, NLP, Socio drama, Systemic organizations consulting, change management, system constellation, systems theory, cultural sociology, positive leadership, corporate happiness, search inside, Theory U, renewal, creative awareness development, coaching, leadership development.

Research: Leadership for the Next; Resilience, Renewal, skills for collaboration, self-empowerment 

Alignment: I do everything to learn for myself, to be able to laugh, to stay inspired, to enjoy nature even more. Joy expands in me when I create new things and bring it into shape and content. I am grateful for that.