Consulting Focus

Support M&A Projects

I am familiar with the assessment and the evaluation of market dynamics in trade and industry and this across different branches and markets with focus on EMEA and APAC. I know the motives and challenges of family run businesses, stock listed companies as well as private equity companies.

In the function as CEO of a listed stock cooperation I initiated, controlled and concluded M&A projects. I have a vast network of international professionals in various fields, industries and trades with which I can support you in a targeted manner in your project.

Supervisory & Advisory Board Mandates

We are familiar with the regulations prescribed by the relevant legislator. It is part of our offer to give strategic direction for your business and to encourage your Organisation for the Next.
We have many years of experience in the management and internationalization of medium-sized companies. And in leadership through crisis. The orientation of organizations, the full potential of the managers and the further development of the organizational structure is important for us. Hereby we always keep an eye on the Next.
With us you buy an expert in corporate management and an expert in the orientation of organizations and their people.

Executive Coaching

Courage for the Next_For people who want to realize a new phase of life, a new project, a new position, role, new skills, or simply being in a boosted rhythm.
Ready for the Next_ If only we could understand more about change. And if we moved it a little from this fearful, security-enerving place, into modern understanding of this „die and become“ and „everything is in flux“ mantras that have rather consolidated us.
Fainting. Or passive attitude of accepting what’s coming. Couldn’t we also get the taste and start enjoying the fleetingness of the moulds? Recognize this expression again and again as new on the outside and experience us in change and thereby develop new ideas of learning. It could begin that a spirit develops and we do not wait for new experiences, but to create them consciously. Become co-creators, co-authors, so to speak. We don’t escape our own experiences anyway. Then why not have a say in how we want to have new experiences?
I deliberately create this change, let go of my previous concepts about security and i am more and more in this flow that I choose - could be a good orientation for it.

Upgrade your projects

It’s done: And now you start again. But with what? How to create and what new perspectives take? A process of reinventing begins. Of re-voting. Is it possible to build on something? On old skills, on what you have been familiar with? Or totally into the new, into the blue, maybe with a blueprint, but still fantasise into the lightning blue. What have I always dreamed of? What have I always wanted to do? But … exactly and then it starts. Really. New. And the interesting thing could be that this new is not at all alien. Maybe a little unusual, but not alien. It really really feels like it. It really feels right at first.

Leadership for the next

Self-organisation hybrid. Design of everyday work. Higher personal responsibility. New forms of information. Successful agreements - create binding. New mindful forms of self- and work organisation. Prioritise agiles. Urgent and important always redesign and implement. Kronos and Kairos - structure and flow. Lists of distinctions. Rituals. Stable Areas. Design the transitions. Blurring boundaries of professional and private. 
Work actively - More power through lightness. 
Flexible working - Quickly switch between formats and roles.
Healthy working - positive psyche and vital body.

Internationalization Focus APAC

Asia is and has always been the continent that was our Next. In the last two decades, we have spent a lot of time in beautiful places and in vibrant cities in Asia. Professionally and privately, we have experienced very beautiful moments, love the people and their diversity.

We have proven how to successfully build and expand business in Southeast Asia and especially in China as a medium-sized company with ambitions and can also be of value for your project .